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LX Studio - Vegeta

$ 200.00 USD

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Manufacturer:LX Studio

Series:Dragon Ball


Statue Weight:Unknown

1/1 Full Body: Heigth 220cm* Width 95cm* Depth 99cm 

1/1 Bust:         Heigth 72cm* Width 43cm* Depth 54cm 
1/4 Full Body: Heigth 72cm* Width 43cm* Depth 54cm 

Limited Edition:
1/1 Full Body   88pieces worldwide 
1/1 Bust           88pieces worldwide
1/4 Full Body  288pieces worldwide 

Total Price:
1/1 Full Body USD 3500,Deposit:USD 1500,Last payment:USD 2000
1/1 Bust         USD 700,Deposit:USD 300,Last payment:USD 400
1/4 Full Body USD 490,Deposit:USD 200,Last payment:USD 290

Shipping Date:2021 Q4(October to November)The date will be changed if there are special circumstances

(Start pre-order date 6/June/2021 ;Stop booking if sold out)

Note:(1/1 full body statue free one 1/1 bust) & (1/4 full body figure with interchangeable bodies with 3 different hairs)

Note: !!!!!!Please fill in the hair color of your choice in the remarks when choosing 1/1 full body statue!!!!!!