• All products are brand new, unless otherwise stated.
  • All currencies are available in USD, JPY, MYR, CAD, EUR, etc.
  • All back orders are subjected to availability.
  • Deposit is compulsory for all pre-orders and back orders.
  • All deposits are non-refundable, unless order cannot be fulfilled.
  • We do not accept order cancellations once an order has been processed.
  • For lost mail and manufacturing defects, we will be responsible for the actual situation
  • Resin products are brittle in nature and there is a risk of breakages in the shipping process. Self repair work may be required in the unfortunate event that they arrive in imperfect condition. All items are guaranteed to be in good condition prior to shipping
  • We accept unconditional refunds for orders placed within 14 days, after 14 days we will submit the order to the studio to start making products, so no refunds for orders after 14 days
  • Every pre-ordered product in the store will be divided into 3 payment parts 
    First: Deposit 
    Second: Final Payment 
    Third: payment of shipping costs 
    Only then can we start shipping.